Amount of Personal Injury Cases Concerning E-Cigarettes Has Increased.

An e-cigarette is a vaporizer that simulates the feeling of smoking, but without tobacco combustion. It has a battery that heats up a coil, which heats liquid nicotine and creates the vapor. In the past few years, many smokers have turned to using e-cigarettes in the hope that the device will assist them in quitting. However, the benefits and health risks of e-cigarettes are still uncertain. Moreover, there has been no evidence presented that indicates that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking.

The legal world is seeing a rise in the amount of personal injury cases brought to court due to e-cigarettes. Many of these cases involve a user being severely burned or injured by the devices. According to the Personal Injury Bureau, a recent incident left a 21-year-old man in a medically induced coma. The young man was using the e-cigarette when the device exploded and the mouthpiece went down his throat and exploded again. He suffered internal and external burns to his face, mouth, neck and lungs.

There have been other cases of people suffering burns to their face and lungs when an e-cigarette has exploded in their pockets.

E-cigarettes have also been the cause of several home fires. One homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona discovered her bedroom caught fire after the cartridge of an e-cigarette overheated when plugged into the charger. The FDA has also banned e-cigarettes in checked baggage after two luggage fires in 2014 and 2015.

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