Black Licorice Candy Recalled for High Levels of Lead.

One-pound bags of the black licorice twists candy, sold by Red Vines, have been voluntarily recalled. Health officials in California found that the candy tested positive for high levels of lead.

A voluntary recall for the candy was issued last week for bags that had a “best used by” date of February 4, 2013. It is not known how many bags of the candy were sold to the public.

The California Department of Public Health found that samples of the black licorice candy contained .33 parts per million of lead, which is more than double the daily limit allowed for children under federal standards.

No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with consuming the candy. However, high levels of lead can be very dangerous to pregnant women and young children. It can lead to impairment of neurological development, learning disabilities and other problems in children.

Those who might have eaten the candy with high levels of lead have been told to visit their doctors to determine if medical attention is necessary.

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