$800K Settlement After Borrowed Aerial Lift Collapses Causing Severe Personal Injuries To Operator.

A man was trimming trees near his residence, using an aerial lift borrowed from one of the defendants. The lift had been leased by one of the defendants from another defendant. Suddenly, the lift tipped over and collapsed, hurling the injury victim to the ground.

The man suffered terrible personal injuries, including fractures in his sternum, ribs, femur and pelvis. The man claimed that the lift alarm, which is supposed to activate whenever the lift is stationed on ground with a slope of more than five degrees, failed to activate. An inspection of the scene of the injury accident resulted in a determination that the ground beneath the lift had a slope of well above five degrees.

The injured man brought a lawsuit against the owner, supplier and manufacturer of the lift. The manufacturer settled the products liability lawsuit for $800,000 in mediation, while the lawsuit against the owner and supplier, brought on various causes of actions related to the maintenance and sale of the lift, will proceed to trial.

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