California Jury Awards $3 Million In Products Liability Lawsuit For Defective TV Which Caused Fire To Mother Of Deceased Victim.

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Oakwood Worldwide (“Oakwood”) has been deemed responsible by a California jury for having distributed televisions that were defective. One of the defective TVs was found to be the cause of a fire that lead to the death of a woman in her apartment. The mother of the victim has been awarded $3 million in monetary damages. Lauren Humphrey, the victim, was assigned 20% of the blame due to her level of intoxication on the night of the fire. Because Ms. Humphrey was held partially responsible, the total amount set to be paid to her mother is $2.4 million, namely 80% of the total award.  Oakwood attempted to argue that the cause of the fire was not known and that it could not have been started by the faulty TV in Ms. Humphry’s apartment.

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