Da Vinci Robot Named In Several Product Liability Lawsuits.

The company that produced a revolutionary computer to assist in surgical procedures is now being sued by some individuals. They allege in their product liability lawsuits that the robot’s are defective and caused surgical patients to suffer personal injuries.

What is named the da Vinci Robot saw its first use in the United States in 2000. The product was created to enable doctors to perform surgeries with increased accuracy and efficiency through the use of tiny incisions. The purpose of the da Vinci Robot is to reduce the overall amount of invasive operations, including urologic, laparascopic, and gynecologic procedures.

The company that produced the da Vinci Robot, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., advertised the robot’s usefulness in ultimately decreasing bleeding during surgery and minimizing recovery time. The device is made of four remote controlled arms and a 3-D camera. The physician sits a few feet away from the patient and controls the robot’s arms with a remote.

Since its first use in 2000, patients have claimed that the robot has caused intestinal burn and ureter and bowel damage. Patients have also been told that parts of the robot have fallen into their bodies during surgery. Some patients and medical staff have alleged that the robot is poorly designed, and that doctors have not been adequately trained on how to use the complex device.

Numerous personal injuries such as these have been reported involving the da Vinci Robot, which has spawned numerous lawsuits against the product’s creator and manufacturer. The federal Food and Drug Administration has launched its own investigation into the patient and doctor allegations about the da Vinci Robot.

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