Defective Guardrail May Lead to Death.

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In August 2011, Dianna Allen was driving in Webster, MA down I-395. Another car cut her off, sending her car straight for the guardrail. However, the end of the rail did not work as it was supposed to. As a result, the rail sliced the car in half, and cut Ms. Allen’s leg, severing off her foot.

Ms. Allen remembers the guardrail coming through her vehicle. When the car came to a stop, she had no foot left. She was told that had her car been shorter, her whole body probably would have been severed in half.

When a motor vehicle hits the end terminals of a guardrail, it is supposed to move with the oncoming car. The kind of guardrail that Ms. Allen hit, the ET-Plus, was found a few feet away from the accident site.

The manufacturer of the ET-Plus is a company in Texas called Trinity Industries. The company refuses to believe anything is wrong with their product. Trinity Industries is facing a different lawsuit currently from a whistleblower. The person reported that the company allegedly knew the product was defective but nevertheless continued to sell it.

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