Experts Warn Parents To Be Wary Of Toys That May Cause Eye Injuries.

Opthamologists in Pennsylvania have sent out warnings to consumers, and particularly parents, regarding the use of potentially dangerous toys.


These warnings come because experts have stated that, as the holidays approach, it is important that parents stay especially wary about the types of toys they are buying for their children and allowing them to use.  The experts, in particular, are focusing their warnings on toys that may cause eye injuries.  According to reports, around 265,000 toy related injuries were treated in emergency rooms last year, and almost half of these injuries appeared on people’s faces and in their eyes.  The eye injuries range from those that are not so serious to injuries that are very serious, some even requiring surgery.  One obvious and serious potential injury from these toys is permanent vision impairment.  Experts describe toys, which are the most likely to cause these injuries, as often being those toys that project objects.  It is highly recommended that people use protective gear to cover their eyes if they choose to use these toys, despite the inherent dangers.

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