Families File Product Liability Lawsuit Against Boat Manufacturer and Designers After Accident at Sea Kills Two Navy Pilots.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured due to defective products. When consumer products are not made for safe consumption and use, they may cause serious injuries or even wrongful deathWhile product designers, manufacturers and distributors all have a legal duty to ensure that a consumer product is constructed safely and properly, this responsibility is not always carried out.  When a legitimate product liability claim exists, all companies and entities involved in the chain of distribution of the product are potentially liable for personal injury damages or wrongful death damages that have been suffered.  Hiring an expert Massachusetts product liability attorney to help is always a wise idea.

In September 2013, Lt. Cmdr. Landon Jones and Chief Warrant Officer Jonathan Gibson were landing their MH-60 helicopter on the San Diego destroyer, William P. Lawrence, which was stationed in the Red Sea.  The two Navy pilots had just landed the helicopter when a wall of ocean water hit the helicopter and broke the chains attaching it to the flight deck.  Both the aircraft and the two pilots were washed overboard and the two men died.

The families of the two Navy pilots have filed a lawsuit against: the Navy; the Veterans Affairs Department; Cmdr. Jana Vavasseur, the ship captain; Bath Iron Works, a designer of the ship; Gibbs & Cox, a designer of the ship; and Shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls, the manufacturer of the ship.  The lawsuit alleges that Bath Iron Works and Gibbs & Cox are liable because they built a ship with unsafe specifications.  The families allege that the ship had a “low freeboard,” a term used for when the stern of the ship sits too low in the water.  Moreover, the lawsuit alleges that the ship captain was negligent, as she allegedly should have used better judgment when guiding the ship through rough seas.  Since the accident, the Navy has retrained ship crews on how to properly and safely handle helicopter landings at sea.

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