Idaho Jury Orders Drug Manufacturer to Pay Multimillion Dollar Settlement for Failing to Properly Address Drug’s Side Effects.

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Late-night television is often cluttered with commercials and advertisements for a variety of prescription drugs. While slowly listing and highlighting the drug’s  benefits, the commercials often end with a voice or “small print” quickly listing multiple possible risks. Drug manufacturers do this because they are required by law to test their products and then inform consumers of known risks and harms associated with taking one of their drugs.

Idaho postal worker Frederick Humeston brought a lawsuit against drug manufacturer Merck & Co. for not adequately warning him of the risks associated with one of their drugs. Humeston took the pill Vioxx to cope with his arthritis. But while taking Vioxx, he suffered a heart attack. Several months after his heart attack, Merck put a stronger and more visible warning label on its product, detailing the cardiovascular risks associated with taking Vioxx. A lawsuit was filed, and the jury agreed with the plaintiff. Plaintiffs were represented by Seeger Weiss. The court ordered Merck to pay Humeston and his wife $47.5 million in punitive and compensatory damages

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