Kansas City Children Suffer Lead Poisoning from Imported Makeup.

Law enforcement authorities in Kansas City, Missouri are investigating two reported cases of lead poisoning in children who have used makeup imported from southeast Asia.

In Kansas City, Missouri, two children used a product called Thanakha, which is an intended beauty product to be used for improvement of skin conditions, such as acne and sun damage. It is marketed for use by both adults and children, and it has a pasty texture.  Thanaka is marketed as being organic and helpful for all types of skin issues.

Two children in Kansas City have now reportedly tested positive for lead poisoning.  Both children who used the product are in pre-school.

The beauty product is produced in Myanmar, and it is typically sold online or in Asian import stores.  The Federal Food and Drug Administration is now investigating and testing samples of the product in various states..

According to a health specialist in Nebraska, it is important to read carefully the labels on everything you buy that is imported.  Different countries have different standards of what is appropriate to put in products, particularly cosmetic products.

Following the break of the lead poisoning story, many large stores have removed Thanakha from their shelves.

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