Lighter Manufacturer Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit for $200,000 After Failing to Make Their Products Child-Proof.

Corporations too often seem to have but one objective: make the biggest profit possible.  This dangerous objective can result in cutting corners and avoiding safety measures. When that happens, a product may be manufactured in a way that is defective or harmful to consumers.  Because of this, there are strict guidelines and mandates that companies must meet with respect to designing and manufacturing products for consumers.  Customers have an expectation that they can rely on the quality and safety of the goods they purchase, and defects that result from a manufacturer’s negligence can result in injury or other damages to the customer.  When that happens, hiring a Boston product liability lawyer expert may be necessary.

One tragic reminder of the necessity for product safety recently occurred in Shenango Valley, Pennsylvania.   Gwendolyn Phillips and her grandson, Neil Williams, brought a wrongful death and product liability lawsuit against the lighter manufacturer, Swedish Match, after a fire took the lives of Phillips’ daughter, Williams’ mother, and two of Philips’ grandsons.  One of the deceased grandsons, two-year-old Jerome Campbell, reportedly used a Swedish Match lighter to ignite linens in the family’s apartment one night. The flames grew out of control. Before the apartment could be safely evacuated, Jerome, Williams and three-year-old Alphonse Crawford had died of smoke inhalation.

Phillips sued on behalf of Williams and the estate of her daughter and grandsons, alleging that Swedish Match was negligently by failing to make their lighter childproof.  An investigation revealed that Swedish Match was aware of the dangers and capable of implementing safety measures in their design, but nevertheless chose not to do so.  According to, Swedish Match agreed to pay $200,000 in personal injury damages to the plaintiffs rather than continue the matter to trial.

If you or a family member have been injured or incurred damages because of a defective product, contact one of our Boston product liability injury attorney specialists today. You may be entitled to substantial money damages for your personal injuries.  Call 617-787-3700 or email [email protected] now to learn all about your legal rights.  

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