Marlboro Recalling Promotional 3-In-1 Flashlight.

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Marlboro recently released a 3-in-1 promotional flashlight, compass and match holder. Approximately 365,000 products were released to the general public before the company realized the serious burn hazard posed by the product. The device is set up as a hollowed-out flashlight with a compass at the alternate end. The compass screws off, revealing 20 wooden matches that came inside the product. On the inside of the compass is a removable foam insert separating the matches from the striker pad.

Marlboro has already received eleven reports of the matches inside the device igniting, with two reports of the matches actually exploding. At least one consumer required medical attention for burn injuries to his hands. Consumers are being advised to stop using the product and immediately remove the matches. The company is offering replacement items of equal or greater value.

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