Married Illinois Couple Brings Lawsuit For Faulty E-Cigarette Batteries Which Exploded In Husband’s Pants Pockets Causing Serious Burns.

A married Plainfield, Illinois couple is suing two local vape shops. The couple has made allegations against the shops that the batteries they purchased for their e-cigarette exploded while inside the husband’s front pants pockets.  The burns from the explosion left Scott Schroedk, owner of his own business and father of five, with second and third-degree burns covering most of his legs. Mr. Schroeck’s wife alleges in the suit against Rockin Vape, Tobacco Zone, and battery manufacturer LG, that not only did the explosion cause serious injuries to her husband, but that, as a result, she has lost his companionship.

The couple is seeking not only damages for medical bills and pain and suffering, but also for their loss of companionship and sexual relationship. that the couple had previously enjoyed in their marriage. The negligence and product liability lawsuit filed alleged court claims that the batteries were defective and did not include sufficient warnings as to the risks of keeping a battery in your pocket. No warnings were provided for the risk of explosion.

The couple is already facing medical bills totaling more than $200,000 and that amount is before the husband’s expected skin graft procedure. This couple is not alone, there have been multiple other lawsuits alleging the same thing, namely that they bought an additional battery for their e-cigarette, kept it on their person, and then the battery apparently over-heated and burst into flames causing significant injuries.

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