Massachusetts Girl Awarded $63 Million In Jury Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson.

Samantha Reckis, now 16 years-old, won a $63 million jury verdict against the makers of Motrin (Ibuprofen), Johnson & Johnson, after she suffered a catastrophic drug reaction to the product in 2003. Reckis’s allergic reaction to Motrin caused her to lose 90% of her skin and lose her sight.

Reckis, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, took Children’s Motrin brand Ibuprofen when she was 7 years-old to reduce a fever. Though she had previously taken the drug without any side effects, Reckis suffered a rare allergic reaction to Motrin called toxic epidermal necrolysis. This reaction caused her to lose 90% of her skin and completely lose her sight. Reckis suffered other internal injuries, which reduced her lung capacity to only 20%.

Reckis and her family filed a product liability lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. In their defective product lawsuit, the Reckis family claimed that the manufacturing giant failed to warn consumers of the life-threatening risks associated with Motrin.

After a trial lasting five weeks, a Plymouth Superior Court jury returned the verdict awarding Reckis $50 million in compensatory damages for her personal injuries, as well as $13 million to her parents for loss of consortium damages.

The award is one of the largest in Massachusetts history.

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