Missouri Bill Seeks To Limit Statute Of Limitations For Product Liability Claims To 10 Years.

In an effort to make the state more attractive to new business ventures, Missouri lawmakers have brought forth a bill in the Senate Government Reform Committee which would limit the time in which to file a lawsuit relating to any product liability claim to 10 years. This proposal, however, won’t cover every product liability claim, such as claims involving real property or when negligent construction of a product is covered up. 

Republican Senator Jeanie Riddle, of Mokane, is sponsoring the bill. He believes that this new limit on product liability claims will allow businesses to avoid unfounded lawsuits. This new law will look to further a Missouri law that already requires the product to have been defective when it was sold as opposed to a product that has been altered.

Ray McCarty of Associated Industries of Missouri is a strong supporter of the 10-year liability limit. He believes that the 10 years should give consumers enough time to determine if any defects exist.  He has stated: “if there is a true manufacturing defect and not something that has been altered by the consumer, it should show up within 10 years.”

While this bill is favored by many in a Republican majority Missouri government, it has been opposed by others. One large issue comes in the field of medical equipment.  A point commonly made to argue in opposition to this bill is for a woman who received a medical product in which the defect was not found for more than 10 years. If this bill is passed, that woman, as well as other similarly situated plaintiffs, will have no grounds for a product liability claim because the time to file the claim will already have expired.

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