Nearly One Hundred People Suffer From Salmonella After An Outbreak At A North Carolina Holiday Inn.

Ninety-nine people have suffered from Salmonella food poisoning after eating at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux, a North Carolina hotel. Six victims were hospitalized due to personal injuries sustained from the food poisoning. Of those victims, two have filed lawsuits against the hotel.

In their lawsuits, the food poisoning victims claim that the two contracted Salmonella after eating at Café Bordeaux, a restaurant at the hotel. Both lawsuits seek money damages for the two victims, including lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

According to reports from the Cumberland County Department of Public Health, the Salmonella outbreak occurred from food prepared in the Holiday Inn Bordeaux kitchen on May 7-8. The infected food was served at banquets at both the Café Bordeaux and in the hotel’s All American Sports Bar and Grill.

Prevention measures were put in place at the hotel following the accusations. The Salmonella reports have since stopped. The last hotel guest report of Salmonella-like symptoms occurred on May 15th.

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