Nestlé Recalls Line of Lean Cuisine Meals in Alabama.

The Nestlé Prepared Foods Company has recently recalled its Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli meals from grocery store shelves and wholesale food warehouses in Alabama.

Nestlé is recalling the meals, because consumers have widely reported finding shards and fragments of glass in the frozen meals. At least three consumers have reported finding glass in the meals. It has not yet been revealed whether any of the consumers suffered personal injuries as a result of the product defect.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Food and Safety Division is conducting recall effectiveness checks at stores to ensure that consumers are safe from the defective food product.

The recall only applies to two production codes of the Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli meals. Thus far, the recall seems to be limited to grocery stores and wholesale food warehouses located in Alabama.

Consumers are urged not to eat the meals and to consult Nestlé’s website or customer service department for more information.

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