Defective Guardrail May Lead to Death.

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In August 2011, Dianna Allen was driving in Webster, MA down I-395. Another car cut her off, sending her car straight for the guardrail. However, the end of the rail did not work as it was supposed to. As a result, the rail sliced the car in half, and cut Ms. Allen’s leg, severing off her foot.

Ms. Allen remembers the guardrail coming through her vehicle. When the car came to a stop, she had no foot left. She was told that had her car been shorter, her whole body probably would have been severed in half.

When a motor vehicle hits the end terminals of a guardrail, it is supposed to move with the oncoming car. The kind of guardrail that Ms. Allen hit, the ET-Plus, was found a few feet away from the accident site.

The manufacturer of the ET-Plus is a company in Texas called Trinity Industries. The company refuses to believe anything is wrong with their product. Trinity Industries is facing a different lawsuit currently from a whistleblower. The person reported that the company allegedly knew the product was defective but nevertheless continued to sell it.

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Traces of Listeria Prompt Nation-Wide Recall of Pitted Fruits.

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In health-conscious societies, people are encouraged to find alternatives to candy and other sugary products for satisfying their sweet tooth.  So, naturally, many turn to fruit to get their sugar fix.  These sugars, however, are natural, and are accompanied by a multitude of essential vitamins and minerals.

Because we, as consumers, have a high demand for fresh produce, there is an intensified focus on where and how these fruits are grown and packaged.  Although the health risks may not be as serious or numerous as those associated with meat and poultry, there are nevertheless dangerous bacteria that may be lurking in fruits.  One of these bacterium, called listeria, is a bacteria often found in nectarines, plums, and other stone-pitted fruits.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), listeria can cause  potentially fatal infections and is particularly dangerous to adults with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, newborns, and the elderly.  Symptoms may include fever and muscle aches, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and convulsions.

Just recently, the Wawona Packing Company, based out of California, issued a nation-wide recall on its peaches, plums, pluots and nectarines packaged between July 1 and July 14, 2014.  The recall was issued after an Austrialian worker detected listeria bacteria in several fruit products that had been shipped overseas.  Upon hearing the news from Australia, Wawona tested products at its facility in California for the listeria bacteria.  The results of the testing revealed traces of listeria on two peaches and one nectarine.

Although no incidents of sickness have yet to be reported, there is genuine concern that listeria-infected fruit may have been consumed by many unsuspecting Americans.   According to FDA officials, the products were packed under a variety of brands, including Wawona’s Sweet 2 Eat and Harvest Sweet labels. The fruit was sold at BJ’s, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, and other large market retailers.

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Harley Davidson Company Sued After Texas Couple Is Severely Injured in Motorcycle Accident.

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On July 6, 2012, Mark and Pamela Jones were riding their Harley Davidson motorcycle on Highway 271 in Mount Pleasant, Texas.  The couple had just recently purchased a new 2012 model motorcycle, known as the Electra Glide Classic.  Mark was in the front, driving, while Pamela was in the back.

Without warning, a car cut in front of the motorcycle being operated by the Joneses, forcing Mark to engage both the front and back brakes.  Instead of coming to an emergency stop, however, the motorcycle’s wheels locked up, causing the bike to fishtail and send the Texas couple flying off. 

In a lawsuit filed in June of 2013, the Joneses allege that they suffered major injuries in the crash of their Harley Davidson.  The complaint states that Mark Jones suffered skull fractures, other broken bones and a severe brain injury, and that Pamela Jones suffered a skull fracture, brain injury, a spleen injury and a shattered elbow.  According to the complaint, Harley Davidson failed to install anti-lock brakes in the Electra Glide Classic model, and also did not offer to install the safety feature when the Joneses first purchased the bike.  Therefore, their lawsuit attempts to hold the company strictly liable for their physical and emotional injuries and damages. They are being represented by attorneys Nelson Roach and Trey Duck.

For Mark and Pamela Jones, and many other victims affected by these types of accidents, their lives are forever changed.  The blame in these accidents should be laid at the feet of the manufacturers who, in an effort to save money, left their consumers exposed to  potentially suffering brutal, life-altering injuries.  If you or a family member has been injured or killed by a malfunctioning or defective vehicle or other faulty consumer product, please contact our expert Boston, MA product liability lawyers, 24/7, at 617-787-3700. We will work diligently to make sure that you are fully and fairly compensated for your pain and suffering and other injuries.  Your needs are our top priority!

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