Experts Warn Parents To Be Wary Of Toys That May Cause Eye Injuries.

Opthamologists in Pennsylvania have sent out warnings to consumers, and particularly parents, regarding the use of potentially dangerous toys.


These warnings come because experts have stated that, as the holidays approach, it is important that parents stay especially wary about the types of toys they are buying for their children and allowing them to use.  The experts, in particular, are focusing their warnings on toys that may cause eye injuries.  According to reports, around 265,000 toy related injuries were treated in emergency rooms last year, and almost half of these injuries appeared on people’s faces and in their eyes.  The eye injuries range from those that are not so serious to injuries that are very serious, some even requiring surgery.  One obvious and serious potential injury from these toys is permanent vision impairment.  Experts describe toys, which are the most likely to cause these injuries, as often being those toys that project objects.  It is highly recommended that people use protective gear to cover their eyes if they choose to use these toys, despite the inherent dangers.

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Kansas City Children Suffer Lead Poisoning from Imported Makeup.

Law enforcement authorities in Kansas City, Missouri are investigating two reported cases of lead poisoning in children who have used makeup imported from southeast Asia.

In Kansas City, Missouri, two children used a product called Thanakha, which is an intended beauty product to be used for improvement of skin conditions, such as acne and sun damage. It is marketed for use by both adults and children, and it has a pasty texture.  Thanaka is marketed as being organic and helpful for all types of skin issues.

Two children in Kansas City have now reportedly tested positive for lead poisoning.  Both children who used the product are in pre-school.

The beauty product is produced in Myanmar, and it is typically sold online or in Asian import stores.  The Federal Food and Drug Administration is now investigating and testing samples of the product in various states..

According to a health specialist in Nebraska, it is important to read carefully the labels on everything you buy that is imported.  Different countries have different standards of what is appropriate to put in products, particularly cosmetic products.

Following the break of the lead poisoning story, many large stores have removed Thanakha from their shelves.

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German Firm Ordered To Pay Personal Injury Damages to Victims Of Defective Breast Implants.

A French court has ordered TUV Rheinland, a German quality-control company, to pay each of 1,600 victims of defective breast implants 3,000 euros, or about $4,000. This money is to compensate personal injury victims for their injuries caused by the defective product

TUV Rheinland gave the implants, which contained industrial-grade silicone, European Union safety certificates. About 300,000 women around the globe have utilized these implants, which are made by Poly Implants Prothèses. In 2010, it was revealed that Poly Implants Prothèses had been using inferior silicone in order to cut costs. Authorities closed Poly Implants Prothèses in March 2010, after the scandal concerning the quality of the silicone came to light. As a result, the implants are hazardous, because they rupture at a higher rate than other implants and leak silicone into the person’s body tissues.

The French court, in its ruling for the personal injury victims, said that the German quality-control company failed to do its due diligence with respect to monitoring the implants. The defendant’s lawyer says that its client was only responsible for the manufacturing process, and not the actual product in its completed form. The plaintiffs stand to receive more money individually, as experts will not individually assess each claim against the German company.

The founder of Poly Implants Prothèses, Jean-Claude Mas, and four of his former employees, were charged with aggravated fraud and tried in a French court. The verdict against them in the criminal case is expected in December 2013.

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