Pimp Sues Nike Claiming Sneakers Should Be Labeled “Dangerous Weapons”.

A Portland pimp has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike and Jordans claiming his sneakers, which he used to stomp a man’s face in, should have been labeled as a deadly weapon.

Sirgiogiro Clardy, a 26-year-old pimp living in Oregon, was sentenced to 100 years in prison after being convicted of second-degree assault. The incident occurred when Clardy beat an 18-year-old girl so badly that she bled from her ears. He then robbed a man, thought to be a John, and stomped his face in until he was bleeding uncontrollably. Clardy is suing the manufacturer of the sneakers he wore the day of the attack under the theory that Nike and Jordans should have attached a warning label explaining the potential dangers of the product.

During Clardy’s criminal trial, he yelled expletives at the judge, prosecutors and jury. He was diagnosed as an anti-social psychopath and deemed, by a psychologist, to be 100% likely to commit a violent crime again. Nonetheless, Nike and Jordans will have to respond to the $100 million product liability lawsuit.

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