Remington Firearms Agrees To Replace Trigger On Millions Of Guns As Part Of Settlement.

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A settlement, approved by a federal judge in Kansas City, Missouri in March, is aimed at fixing some 7.5 million Remington Firearms rifles, which includes their iconic Model 700 rifle. There were allegations that Remington allegedly covered up a design defect that allows the guns to fire without the trigger being pulled. Remington has consistently denied the allegations and continues to say its guns are safe, and that the hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths that lawsuits have linked to the alleged defect are all the result of user error.

Nonetheless, the company agreed in 2014 to replace the triggers in millions of the guns, free of charge, under the terms and conditions of the class action settlement. The company said it was settling the case to put the matter behind it once and for all. But from the start, critics have argued the settlement deliberately downplayed the risk, and would leave millions of dangerous guns in the public’s hands while relieving Remington of any further resulting liability. Under the settlement, fewer than 25,000 (0.3%) of those guns will reportedly be fixed.

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