San Diego, CA Woman Files Product Liability Lawsuit Against Apple Alleging Its MagSafe Power Adaptor Isn’t Safe.

Most burns are only minor injuries that can be treated at home using over the counter gels and creams. More severe burns, however, including some second-degree burns and all third-degree burns, require emergency medical attention and treatment. Second-degree burns are characterized by blistering and redness, and are especially dangerous when they appear on the face, hands, feet and groin. Third-degree burns are characterized by white discoloration, charred skin, and a leathery appearance.

Last February, Heather Henderson’s husband was working away on his Mac laptop computer. The device was plugged into the wall using an Apple MagSafe power adaptor. They were both in bed when she dozed off. About forty minutes later, she awoke feeling strange. When she had fallen asleep, her arm had been resting atop her husband’s power adaptor. During those forty minutes of rest, the device had severely burned her. She woke up the next morning feeling pain, stinging, and throbbing. On her arm, she found a one-inch boil.

According to ABC 10 News, the second-to third-degree burn will likely leave a permanent scar. After speaking with friends, she realized just how dangerous the MagSafe adaptors can be. Despite previous lawsuits by other customers complaining of burns from the adaptor, Apple has reportedly refused to include a warning sticker. With “safe” right in the name of the device, customers have every reason to assume the product is, in fact, safe for normal use. When Henderson told her friends about the burn, they revealed that they often slept with their MagSafe power adaptor in or near their bed.

Henderson took her friends’ stories to heart, and realized she needed to do something to prevent accidents like hers in the future. She hired attorney Stephen Morris to file a lawsuit against Apple. Henderson is seeking an unspecified amount in personal injury damages.

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