Shoe Company Faces Lawsuit Claiming “Shape-Ups” Shoes Caused Foot Injuries.

A woman from Mississippi is suing Skechers Corporation, makers of the popular Shape-Ups toning shoes, claiming that the shoes’ dangerous design caused her to develop severe foot problems.

In the lawsuit, the allegedly injured woman claims that, within months of purchasing a pair of Shape-Ups shoes and wearing them regularly, she began to experience severe pain in her right foot.  Upon seeing a doctor, she was informed that she had developed hallux valgus, hammer toe and a claw toe deformity. She was forced to undergo surgery in June 2012 to remedy these problems.  The woman claims that she continues to suffer from pain and problems in her right foot.  The woman further claims that Skechers misled the public about the dangers of wearing Shape-Ups, and misrepresented their potential health benefits.  In addition, Skechers allegedly failed to adequately test the shoes before marketing them.

The woman is seeking an undisclosed amount of personal injury damages in the lawsuit.

This is not the first lawsuit Skechers has faced with regard to their Shape-Ups shoe line.  In 2013, Skechers paid $40 million to settle thousands of cases alleging that Skechers engaged in misrepresentation and fraudulent advertising in its ads for Shape-Ups shoes.  The plaintiffs alleged that Skechers overstated the health benefits and safety of Shape-Ups shoes in these ads.

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