Toyota Recalls 870,000 Vehicles for Airbag Malfunctions Caused by Insects.

Toyota has announced that it is recalling 870,000 of its motor vehicles, including all regular and hybrid 2012 and 2013 Camrys, Venzas and Avalons, due to a problem which can cause the airbags in those cars to malfunction and suddenly deploy.

Toyota stated that it has received 38 reports of problems with the airbags in these vehicles, including three instances in which the airbags wrongly deployed.  Toyota asserts that the problem has most often been caused by spiders building webs in the cars’ air conditioning drainage tube, which causes the tube to become blocked.  Water then drips down onto the airbag control module and causes a short circuit, which can result in the dashboard airbag warning light to come on or, in some cases, for the driver’s side airbag to deploy.  The issue poses a serious risk to drivers of the vehicles, especially if the car is in motion when the problem occurs.

Other problems, including issues with power steering, can arise from the same spider-related problems.

Toyota is asking owners of the affected vehicles to go to their local Toyota dealers to have the problem fixed at no charge.

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